Birds on a Wire
Birds On a Wire came to me one day as I was driving. I saw exactly that, birds
sitting  on the wires.  Rows of them, all sitting there lined up and facing
the same direction. I saw them as a pattern. I can see several variation in this tangle.
I especially like it as a frame.

This and That....

I call this one "this and that" because when you have a space and you don't know What to fill it with
  you can fill it with "this and that". Use circles, squares and triangles. Then fill some in and leave some blank

While on vacation in Maui I found all kinds of new inspirations.
This one is based on a rettan pattern I found in a frame.
I called it ko'oko'o which is cane in Hawaiian.


  1. This is a sweet tangle pattern.Seems simple, but I reckon it has loads of potential to be changed, grown etc.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wonderful -this is just the inspiration I need to tangle, today! Maybe that will help me untangle my brain. It's that kind of Monday. Glad I discovered your blog!

  3. i hope you're having fun seeing all the interpretations of Birds on a wire for the UMT this month!

  4. Just clicked on this for the first time. All 3 Tangles are lovely and fun. Thank You, Tracy