Sunday, June 29, 2014

Black Walnut Ink

Larry and I are blessed with some very tall beautiful trees in our yard. That also means we have seed and seed pods. That at times can be a bit messy. But like they say -  if you get lemons, make lemondade, I have black walnut pods so I decided to make black walnut ink.
I've never done it before but I thought it would be something fun to try so...
So I did YouTube searches and found several site. So in October when I had what seemed like thousands of pods I began. They've been steeping in a pot every since.
Today I decided it was time to check out the results. It's a very messy jobs. I strained the ink and added a little gum arabique to it. That's suppose to help make it flow. Here are the results.
It's more brown than the markers we use for the tan tiles. And it's not as thick or flowing as I'd like, but I may be able to fix that. I also want to try it on tan paper and as a background wash.
Needless to say I'm pleased that it worked.

I may have to create a class project in which we use the ink.

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